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grain dryer

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Grain Seed Dryer

Working Principle:

Raw material is fed into the machine from the inlet and moves forward continuously along with the level of fluidized-bed under the action of vibration.The hot air passes through fluidized-bed and carries out heat exchanging with damp raw material.Then the damp air is exhausted out through cyclone separator and duster,and the dry raw material is discharged through discharge outlet.


1.Pharmaceutical and chemical industries: all kinds of press tablet and granule, boric acid, borax, dihydroxybenzene, malic acid, maleic acid are all suitable for this drying equipment.

2.Foodstuff and construction material industries: distiller's grains, monosodium, edible sugar, edible salt, mine residue, bean, seeds and so on.

3.This dry equipment also can be used for material cooling, humidification etc.


1. Raw material is heated evenly and heat exchange is fully used and dry capacity is high. Compared with ordinary dryer ,the energy can be saved about 30%.

2. The vibration is created by motor. It is stable in operation and convenient in maintenance, low noise and long life.

3. The fluidized state is stable and no dead angle and phenomenon of broken out.

4. It is good in regulation and wide in suitability. The thinckness and moving speed in the machine and the amplitude change speed of the material can be stepless regulated.

5. It is small for damaging the surface of raw material. The machine can be used for drying materials that are easy broken. The drying effect can not be affected even materials gave anomalous shape.

6. It is effective to prevent from cross pollution between raw material and air because the equipment adopts fully closed structure. So that keep the environment clean.




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