Coconut shell dryer

Coconut shell dryer

Coconut shell dryer

  • 石灰石
  • 石英石
  • 河卵石
  • 花岗岩
  • 石英砂
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Introduction of Coconut Shell Dryer

Coconut shell dryer is also called coconut shell drying machine.Coconut shell dryer is widely used in straw fuel,mechanical,wood pellets,sawdust briquette charcoal,agricultural engineering and other industries.

Principle of Coconut Shell Dryer

Coconut shell dryer is composed of heating furnace,feeding mouth,rotating tube,filter tube,material conveying tube,cooling tube and discharge mouth. Rotating tube is located on the active wheel.Active wheel make the rotary barrel moves in low speed by motor and the deceleration drive.There is feeding mouth between the heating furnace and rotary barrel,and inside the rotary barrel,there are stirring blades.Between the rotary barrel and the filter tube,there is a baffle and there is a hole on the baffle.One side of the filter tube is connected with rotary barrel and the other end is connected with material conveying tube.Inside the filter tube,there is block and there is slag discharge hole on the bottom of the filter tube.One side of the cooling tube is connected with material conveying machine by the air blower and the other end of the cooling tube is connected with the discharge mouth.

By using the structure,the waste coconut shell can be dried fully in rotating cylinder,and coconut shell waste can fully spread again before into the material conveying pipe to make moisture evaporate faster.The block can block the impurities in waste coconut shell to ensure quality of coconut waste which is into the material conveying pipe.When coconut shell waste into the dryer,it processed by interaction of injection tube and rotating cylinder.The material boils and fluidifies in the tube and the material has full access to the hot blast to complete drying.

Features of Coconut Shell Dryer

1. High dry intensity.The material highly disperses in the air flow,the whole surface of the material are all effective drying surface.

2. Short drying time.

3. The new internal structure,intensify cleaning of disperse materials and thermal conduction,eliminates the adhesion phenomenon of the cylinder wall,material moisture,stickiness of more flexibility;

4. Coconut shell dryer achieves a "zero lift",greatly reducing wear retaining rollers,cylinder stable,reliable operation;

5. Coconut shell dryer adopts "aligning roller device" so that wheel and tyre fit is a linear exposure,thereby greatly reducing wear and power loss;

6. Automatic operation and thermotechnical CNC control.Smooth and reliable operation.Temperature can be regulated automatically which improves the stability of the temperature of hot air,and dry product quality can be guaranteed.


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