dry-mixed mortar dryer

dry-mixed mortar dryer

dry-mixed mortar dryer

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Introduction of dry mortar dryer

Dry mortar building pre-mixed mortar (dry), also known as it is in the factory the accurate mortar semi-finished products made of batching and mixing while, only to the construction site water mixing can be used. The production and application of dry mortar, it is the one of the main development direction of building materials in the future.

Dry mortar dryer is mainly used for drying humidity and granularity range granular materials. Such as yellow sand, sand, slag, clay, coal cinder, small size and not afraid of high temperature smoke dirty and other small particle materials. Material moisture after drying can reach 1-0.5%, yellow sand drying is one of the important working procedure in process of production of dry mortar, drying equipment is the key equipment in the process of dry mortar drying process.

The advantages of dry mortar dryer

1. absorb the German exchange of advanced technology, independent innovation design, three cylinder form insulation system, to reduce heat loss.

2. the equipment investment is 1/6 of the imported product, is made of alloy steel plate manufacturing, than ordinary steel wear-resisting 3-4 times.

3. material initial moisture 15%, final moisture to ensure below 0.5 1%, dry mortar production line is the preferred product.

4. thermal efficiency is as high as 80% (traditional single drum dryer heat efficiency is only 32%) to improve thermal efficiency of 48%.

5. fuel can adapt to the hard coal, bituminous coal, coal gangue, oil, steam.

6. covers an area of about 50% lower than single drum dryer and civil investment reduced by about 50%.

7. no air leakage phenomenon, solved the sealing difficulties, can be installed within 2 hours.

8. according to the users can easily control to the end of the moisture indicator.

9. discharge temperature of 60-80 degrees, can be directly feed library, need not into cooling tent cooling.
10.outer barrel temperature was only 40 degrees, exhaust temperature < 100 degree, dust removal equipment bag for long time more than 2 times, it is water vapor.

11. coal consumption is 1/3 of the single cylinder dryer, power saving 40%.


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