bean dregs dryer

bean dregs dryer

bean dregs dryer

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Bean Dregs Dryer

Bean curd (tofu) is a kind of material with water,oily,water is not easy to get rid of,our company according to this characteristic,developed the bean dregs (tofu) drying equipment.

The dregs after heavy pressure dehydration,instantly remove most of the water;and then into the bean dregs dryer,in a special pushing plate and dry hot wind under the action of bean dregs along the opposite direction of fresh and dry hot wind direction of the reciprocating motion,the longer the process schedule,the temperature is relatively low,the material dryer is running slower;concurrent flow drying,the material temperature is only 40 ℃.Fully utilize the heat of the drying process,bean dregs is heated evenly,so the drying out of the bean dregs good color,no paste,and low energy consumption.

Main features:

1. Drying of high degree of mechanization,large production capacity,continuous running.
2. Simple structure,excellent material through the cylinder body resistance stable running,convenient operation.
3. Less failure,low maintenance cost,low power consumption.
4. Product drying uniformity.
5. The drying production line adopts the thrashing device special,to ensure that the drying effect of drying machine.
6. Sealing device with novel and unique,and good insulation system,effectively reduce the drying system of coal.
7. Of the overall system has good sealing performance,and is equipped with complete removal device,no dust,good operating environment.
8. The drying system using electric centralized control,automatic regulation of hot air temperature,high degree of automation,convenient operation.
9. In the drying section can be connected with the crushing,mixing,granulating,packaging and other subsequent section,in the production of bean dregs feed products.


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