chicken manure dryer

chicken manure dryer

chicken manure dryer

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Introduction of Chicken Manure Dryer

Chicken manure rotary dryer,one of our main products,completely solves the problem that unpleasant odour was generated when the older chicken manure dryer is used in production.The capacity increases by one time compared with that of before,so it is a bona fide environment-friendly product. The dryer turns fresh chicken manure into granular product with no more than 13% moisture after procedures like dehydration,dust collecting, purification,high temperature drying,concentration and crushing,sterilization,decomposition and deodorization,etc.

Principle of Chicken Manure Dryer

Chicken manure dryer machine is suitable for large,medium and small chicken house and developed regions of farming industry. According to the drying requirements of product,different heat sources can be used,such as gas generator,directly-heated type hot blast heater,indirectly-heated type hot blast heater,conduction oil,electrical heating,steam,etc.

Chicken manure dryer consists of heat supply device, loading device, feeding device, rotary dryer, crushing device, discharging device, fan, unloading device and power cabinet. Inside the dryer, the orderly arranged lifting blades scatter the wet materials around and make them fully contacted with the co-current hot air, which speed up this drying process.Under the force of oblique blades and hot-air flow,materials inside the dryer move from the feeding end to the star type discharging end,and are discharged as final product.

Advantages of Chicken Manure Dryer

1.Manufacturing technique of chicken manure dryer:chicken manure dryer can dry 65% of chicken  manure into 13% pure chicken manure organic fertilizer through high temperature,sterilization and disassemble.

2.The final products has much nutrient element,such as 2.6% nitrogen,3.5% phosphor,2.5% kalium,16-25% crude protein,45% organic material,which is also used for feeding fish,cow,pig.
3.Chicken manure dryer has high mechanization,high capacity and work continuously.
4.Less breakdown,low maintenance and consumption.
5.Good and simple structure,and the material can work stably and operate conveniently.
6.It is used widely and final products is uniform.
7.Otherwise,it can kill virus and deodorize.


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