organic fertilizer dryer

organic fertilizer dryer

organic fertilizer dryer

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Rotary dryer for organic fertilizer specification

After screening of the wet sawdust through the hopper,enter into the scraper conveyor,there has the material layer controller on the scraper conveyor ,then the raw materials through the screw conveyor to the dryer hopper,mixed with the flue gas ( the gas from the air heat stove and settlement dust removal already),to enter into the roller dryer together,to drying.Next enter into the Whirlwind collector to separate the raw materials and air .

The raw materials through the air lock discharging and enter into receiver scraper conveyor,

The exhaust air which separate by the whirlwind separator will out through the draught fan enter into chimney,and final to atmosphere.

The best moisture content to pelletizing is about 12-17%.Our new Air-Current Rotary Dryer is made up of Burning Stove and Main Rotary Dryer,which can realize to reduce the moisture from 50% to 10%,and save about 30% energy consumption comparing the old Dryer.Our burning stove is fueled by coal and wood material,which can save electricity consumption largely. 

If the users want to use the other fuel such as gas and electricity,one Burner is necessary,but the extra cost will be charged.

The system is assembled for several sensors for automatically controlling the speed of roll running,also the moisture of sawdust,for confirming the moisture is eligible for pelleting process.

Introduction:It mainly consists of the rotary body,lifting plates,transmission device,supporting device and seals and other components.The dryer is a horizontal direction into a slightly inclined cylinder,the material from the upper end by adding the high temperature flue gas and the material flow into the cylinder,with the rotating cylinder,the material due to the action of gravity,running to the lower end.Equipped with a copy plate on the cylinder wall,so that the contact surface of the material and air flow increases,and to improve the drying rate and promote the material.The dried product from the bottom of the lower part of the collection.

Product features:dryer processing capacity,less fuel consumption,low cost dry.The dryer has a high temperature characteristics,be able to use the high-temperature hot air rapid drying of materials.Scalability,design considerations of the production margin,even if the output of a small increase in the need to replace equipment.Equipment aligning tugboat structure,tugs and rolling circle with and greatly reduce wear and power consumption.Specially designed gear wheel structure,greatly reduces the horizontal force of equipment tilt work.Strong anti-overload,tube smooth operation,high reliability.


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